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A crazy idea…..

Led to a great future

Flag Hill Winery and Vineyard started with just a hope to grow grapes in the Northeast.  An idea that most people in New Hampshire thought was crazy.  In 1990 when Flag Hill began planting grapes there was not a clear picture of the future, only the hope they would grow and make drinkable wine.  Through trial and error, and more trial and error, a focus began to immerge.  Our soils, climate, micro-climate, and landscape have led us to what we are truly good at, aromatic white wines.  Despite the seemingly endless challenges of growing a vineyard in the north it all seems to fade away the first morning of harvest….

Where we are today

Flag Hill doesn’t just make wines from our French-American, and Minnesota hybrid grapes, we also produce excellent fruit wines, a fortified wine, and we are now producing sparkling wines.  Always evolving and always producing new products come visit us to check out all of the new wines, or come back for your old favorite.

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