We are so lucky at Flag Hill. Being a winery and not just a distillery allows us to have access to all the specialized fruit handling equipment that isn’t always available at a typical distillery. Blueberry Liqueur can be made many different ways, we think you’ll see that this may be the best way. Low-bush wild Maine blueberries are cold soaked for weeks. A small amount of fermentation takes place increasing the amount of the aromatics in the finished liqueur. Spirit (Flag Hill grown neutral corn spirit) is added to the blueberries for the cold soak and when complete the whole “must” is put through our bladder press to give a gentle squeeze to extract the perfect balance of tannins.

How’s it drink?

The liqueur is slightly reminiscent of a fortified wine. Unbelievable blueberry aroma are unmistakable when this hits your glass. Just like all of our other liqueurs there is a lot that can be done with it. We recommend using in any cocktail that may call for anything blueberry. It is amazing in a glass as a dessert, in a simple vodka blueberry martini, in a reduced syrup for pancakes, or in one of Chef Zach’s macarons (come to brunch and you’ll see what we mean).


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