This Liqueur is one of Flag Hill’s oldest and favorite spirits. We produce this using Cranberries grown on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The spirit for this liqueur is not only distilled at our farm but grown on our farm. Corn grown all summer long on one of Flag Hill’s grain fields is combined in the fall and stored for us to produce neutral spirits all year long. The base spirit is soft and delicate, perfect for letting those beautiful cranberries shine.

How’s it drink?

You have to try this, seriously. Tart, sweet, heavy, soft, and tantalizing. More than a couple synaptic snaps happen when this hits your tongue.  Intensely cranberry, but not overwhelming. This spirit has lots of uses, whether it’s our popular Flag Hill Cosmo, or a Flag Hill Kir Royale with our Flag Hill Sparkling Cayuga White, you can’t go wrong.



Flag Hill Cosmopolitan

… a timeless classic.

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