Fermented and Distilled from Fancy Grade Molasses. This spirit is a bit heavier than our white rum before we put it into a once used bourbon barrel for about a year. The spirit doesn’t pick up much of the barrel in that year, but it gets a chance to mature a little and grab some esters via micro oxygenation. After it comes out of the barrel it gets 36 hours of direct maceration with an incredible amount of hand cut Madagascar vanilla beans, cinnamon, and grains of paradise. After the maceration we pull the spices out of the spirit and sweeten slightly with a touch of Grade B, NH maple syrup. The spirit is a true New England Style Rum and made with absolutely no artificial sweeteners, or flavoring agents. Expensive to make – yes. Worth it – yes.

How’s it drink?

Wow – vanilla, cinnamon, and familiar rum esters dominate the glass. A very very subtle oak influence comes through towards the end of the sip. The spirit was born from a love of incredible rum, not wanting to lose what rum is, but wanting to make it more. Put this rum in hot cocoa to understand why your life hasn’t been fulfilled yet.  

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