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We bring in the highest grade molasses you can purchase called “Fancy Molasses”. Fancy molasses is low in sulphur and ash content (bad for fermentation, flavors and the still) and high in invert sugars (great for flavor production and fermentation). About 700 lbs of molasses goes into every fermentation. If you are familiar with drinking rum made from “blackstrap molasses” you will instantly notice how much cleaner, sweeter, and drinkable the rum is made from “Fancy”. We double distill the rum once through the pot and once through the short column. Clean enough to not overtake a mixed drink with intense “esters” and the right amount of pleasant flavors to not lose the rum in your favorite cocktail – the perfect balance for white rum.

How’s it drink?

Simply put this rum is like candy without the sugar. Notes of cotton candy, vanilla and candied almond are vibrant enough not to miss, but subtle enough not to want to miss.  It’s amazing in a drink as simple as a single orange wheel on the bottom of a rocks glass topped with 2 oz of Flag Hill White Rum or as complex as a Pearl Driver. There are a hundred things you can do with this rum– none of them are wrong.


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