Produced from a combination of apples- predominately Macintosh variety- grown in Concord, it is fermented using two separate yeast strains. We receive the juice in 2200 gallon quantities. Fermentation lasts for about 7-10 days. At the end of the fermentation we start a series of three runs. The final run is our Vodka, ran through all 15 trays on the tall column of the still. It is distilled to 190 proof (as all vodkas are) over the course of about 24 hours. It is an extremely slow distillation to keep the spirit as clean as possible and to allow just a touch of “fruit” to transfer into the final product. It is then rested for a few weeks before being “cut” to bottling proof and then bottled.

How’s it drink?

Every vodka lover is looking for one word in their vodkas description – Smooth. We want to give you a few more – Soft, elegant, subtle, delicate and polished. There are not a lot of vodkas made from apples. We hope you find this to be one of the best. The apples were lost long ago on the second distillation but we are left with an incredible buttery elegance that can’t be produced by using grain for the product. We say it a lot but it could not be more true than in this product: quality of input is ≥ quality of product out.

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