Produced from high acid apples grown in Concord, NH at Apple Hill Farm. After a 10 day fermentation the apple brandy is double pot distilled to about 150 proof lending plenty of apple character to the “new make” apple spirit.  We then put this in unused wine barrels from Canton Cooperage. These 60 gallon barrels, unlike the 53 gallon barrels typically used for whiskey production, are not charred, they are toasted. All spirits in our apple brandy is at least 6 years old with some of the brandy being 7 and 8 years old.

How’s it drink?

The high acid apples give us a wild amount of potential for the barrel aging process.  Unbelievable quantities of subtle esters mesh perfectly in a cocktail or can be enjoyed by itself with nothing more than a glass. Butterscotch, apple, pear, toasted grain, honey, and hints of ripe apple peels that won’t leave any brandy fan disappointed. If you choose to try this product consider this a warning. You will like it, you will buy it, you will drink it, you will buy more.


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