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Our most popular wine!
Lightly effervescent from an arrested fermentation- a tell-tale sign of a wine fermented to respect fruit. Bright acid balanced against a sweet background of orange, pear, and green apple, both on the nose and palate. A Northern grape that can be very reminiscent of Riesling, and one of Flag Hill’s most consistent and incredible wines.

Harvest Chemistry
TA:  12.15             PH:  2.96               YAN: 165 ppm

Bottle Chemistry 
TA:  8.5          PH: 3.23         ALC: 10.5%

Length of wild fermentation: 36 hours
Grapes/Blend: 100% Cayuga White grapes
Aging: Stainless (bottled young to preserve bright aromatics)

Notes from the Winemaker: This grape was the initial inspiration for Flag Hill’s refocus on aromatic, white wines. It’s an incredible grape that has so much potential to make intensely, fruit-forward wines. We harvest this grape early in the morning, mechanically, in the fall like we do with all of our white grapes. We only harvest under 60˚F to help protect the delicate nature of the aromatics. Gentle handling from crush to bottle keeps oxygen contact very light. Based on fruit chemistry, a target sugar concentration is established. As we get closer to completion of primary, the wine is tasted often to find the perfect moment to arrest fermentation and leave the remaining, natural fructose from the grapes, and preserve the aromatics. From this point until bottling, very little is done aside from keeping it cool and away from O2. We recommend drinking this wine within a year of purchase.

Vineyard Notes: 14.99 tons of Cayuga White was harvested at Flag Hill in 2017. A warmer than typical end to the growing season left us with very ripe fruit a week or so earlier than is typical. Harvested under 18 brix to help reduce “foxiness” and increase the pear and green apple notes. 2017 resulted in impeccable fruit, zero disease pressure, and great maturity/acid balance.

Distribution: Select NH Liquor and Wine Outlets, select NH Hannaford Supermarkets; select NH Market Baskets; other select NH grocers and select NH restaurants.

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