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This is our Winemaker’s favorite grape grown on the farm. Intensely aromatic with notes of honeydew, pineapple, and orange blossom; it is the perfect marriage of sweetness versus acidity at the first sip. This semi-sweet wine is one of Flag Hill’s favorite.

Awards: The La Crescent ’17 vintage was a Silver Medal recipient at the 2018 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

Harvest Chemistry

TA: 17.4          PH: 3.02          YAN: 78 ppm        BRIX – 19.9     Must temperature – 49˚F

Bottle Chemistry
TA: 9.8            PH: 3.27          ALC: 11.2%

Grapes/Blend: 100% Flag Hill grown La Crescent

Notes from the Winemaker: The entire focus of this wine is protecting the aromatic properties. The grape is handled lightly at the coldest part of the day: early in the morning. The number one contributor to an aromatic white wine is keeping the temperature low as to not off-gas or oxidize any precursor aromatics, or the aromatics themselves. The must’s lightly pressed juice is cold settled to remove unwanted proteins, and then fermented at 61˚F for 13 days before arresting the wine’s fermentation early to preserve and protect the natural aromatics of the grape. This wine is kept cold all the way through bottling. This wine’s highest recorded temperature in the entirety of its’ lifespan was 65˚F. By far one of Flag Hill’s staff favorites and an excellent example of what cold, hardy grapes can hand us.

Vineyard Notes: 2.9 ton of La Crescent was harvested from Flag Hill’s vineyard on August 31st, 2017. The fruit was 100% disease free and came through the winery door under ideal conditions. The fruit was harvested about a week earlier than is typical due to above-average temperatures and low rainfall at the end of the growing season.

Distribution: Select NH grocers

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