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A sweet, juicy white wine fermented to respect the fruit. On the nose it is hints of mid-fall wild grapes, and fruit candy. The distinct foxiness brings back memories of Grammy’s backyard jams. An excellent porch wine and great with most Asian-style cuisine. 

Harvest Chemistry

TA: 9.26                 PH: 3.18                YAN: 96ppm                  Brix – 14.9

Bottle Chemistry

 TA: 6.9               PH: 3.08         ALC: 11.5%


50% Flag Hill grown Niagara, 50% Upstate NY grown Niagara

Notes from the Winemaker: When making this wine, the focus is on keeping the intense foxiness of native grapes to a dull foxiness. We accomplish this through a number of techniques. We harvest the grapes at a lower brix concentration and press them very lightly  in our very gentle bladder press. Like all of our white wines, we ferment at a low, slow, cold temperature. This wine hovers between 62˚F-64˚F during fermentation. After completion of fermentation and cold stabilization, this wine is filtered though our cross-flow unit and bottled with 30 g/L sugar.
Vineyard Notes: 2017’s Niagara harvest occurred on 9/27/18. Total harvest weight was 1.67 Ton. Harvest air temp. was 66˚F and fruit came through with less than 2% disease- very clean fruit. Typical combing was done early season and no fruit needed to be dropped before ripening. The wine was hand harvested by Flag Hill’s team.

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