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Bright fruit fills the glass with notes of ripe, summer strawberry, and distant orange peel. Light, airy, fruit-centric, and balanced. The only thing more exciting than the taste of this wine is the beautiful rose gold hue both in and out of light. This is one of the most unique wines we produce here at Flag Hill.

Harvest Chemistry
TA: 8.85                PH: 3.15                YAN: 193ppm   BRIX: 15.9

Bottle Chemistry
TA:  6.98               PH: 3.27                ALC: 10.5%

Grapes/Blend: 100% Flag Hill grown DeChaunac

Notes from the Winemaker: Harvested early in the morning and at cold temperatures. Target goal is to harvest under 55˚F.  The grape is crushed, de-stemmed, and pumped into our press to quickly separate juice from skins and keep color pick up to a minimum. There is no press given.  All free run juice is then cold settled and from this point forward treated like many of our white wines. Specific care is given to limit O2 contact after 1/3 sugar depletion and protect delicate aromas. Fermentation is arrested early to leave a small amount of sugar to balance the remaining acidity and the wine does not undergo ML. Bottled within months after completion of cold stabilization to quickly get the wine under cover so you can taste the nuance that we didn’t want to lose to any unneeded aging.

Vineyard Notes: Rain a few days before harvest slightly diluted the grape’s sugar and acid. Later than normal harvest beginning at 8 am. Air temperature 57˚F.  Disease free fruit. Less than 2% immature berry, separated at crush.

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