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We tried to create tasting notes, but drank the whole bottle and wrote nothing down. Enjoy!

Fermentation Chemistry

TA: 9.9                         PH: 2.9                 YAN: 160ppm

Bottle Chemistry

TA:  9.9                        PH: 3.07                  ALC: 10.5%            Pressure: 32psi @ 42˚F

Grapes/Blend: 10% cranberry – Cape Cod, MA; 90% Apple Hill Farm Cider – Concord, NH

Notes from the Winemaker: The goal with this wine is to always find the sweet spot between that wonderful, tart/biting cranberry and the sweetness that these NH grown apples leave us.  It becomes more challenging when CO2 gets involved.  Typically one of the slowest fermenting wines under our roof- it can take upwards of 30 days to complete primary.  At the end of primary we quickly rack this wine onto a small amount of tannins to preserve all of its fruitiness and limit reduction.  After filtration the wine makes its way to the Brite tank.

Vineyard Notes: NA

Distribution: Select NH Liquor and Wine Outlets, other select NH grocers

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