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An atypical Vignoles, bright pineapple, exotic fruit and fresh pear are followed by crisp acidity that is all supported by a clean, gently weighty body.   The wine finishes with beautiful lingering grapefruit.  This is a great wine for anyone who loves off-dry and semi-sweet, aromatic wines.

Harvest Chemistry
TA: 12.11              PH: 3.11                YAN: 129 ppm      BRIX: 20.8

Bottle Chemistry
TA:  8.6                 PH: 3.19                ALC:  11.4%

Grapes/Blend: 100% Vignoles
Wild Fermentation: 36 hours @ 60˚F

Notes from the Winemaker: Every year presents different challenges with this grape, but 2017 was a dream to make into wine.  With no disease pressure, the fruit was handled with care like any of our white wines, and was able to be pressed over a bar to help extract some of the precursor aromatics we are not always able to get out of the skins. A wild fermentation was allowed to carry on for 36 hours before we pitched a strain of yeast used to exacerbate ester formation.  Cross-flow filtration was used to stop fermentation @ 1.5 brix allowing the retention of an unbelievable amount of exotic aromatics.

Vineyard Notes: This fruit is extremely susceptible to “Noble Rot”.  Extreme care in the vineyard is given all year to ensure the fruit stays healthy and robust.  Mechanical leaf thinning allows sunlight and air flow to get onto the grapes very early to keep disease pressure low.  2017 saw an early harvest of Vignoles on 9/13/17.  1.65 tons of very clean fruit came off the vine.

Distribution: Select NH Hannaford Supermarkets, select NH Market Baskets, other select NH grocers.

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